Want More Practice Before You Hit the Course?

Want More Practice Before You Hit the Course?

Check out our golf driving range in Wallkill, NY

While you don't have to be an expert to play on our course, you may still want to practice first. Turtle Creek Golf Course at Garden Cathay has a golf driving range in Wallkill, New York. Our grass tee has 10 stalls and is over 250 yards long, making it the perfect place to practice your swings.

If you don't own clubs or left your bag at home, you can use ours. Visit our golf range in Wallkill, New York today to enjoy a fun day on the green.

3 reasons to take your shot at Turtle Creek Golf Course

Why should you practice at our golf range? Here are three perks of visiting us:

1. We play music while you practice.
2. We serve beverages and snacks.
3. We have a sitting area so you can watch your friends.

Whether you want to challenge other golfers or improve your skills, you'll enjoy your time spent at our golf driving range. Call 845-564-3220 now to reserve your spot.

Turtle Creek Driving Range Plans

Buy 8 get 2 FREE

Plan your next golfing trip today

We charge reasonable rates at our golf range:

$4 for small buckets
$6 for medium buckets
$10 for large buckets

We also provide driving range plans so you can get the most value for your game. Our range prices are:

$32 for eight small buckets
$48 for eight medium buckets
$80 for eight large buckets

If you buy eight buckets in advance, we'll give you two more for free. Reach out to us today to learn more about our golf range.